Crawl Space Repair Customer Testimonial from Howard T. in Milton, DE


Howard T. from Milton, DE lives in a 20-year-old home with a dirt-floored crawl space that had all the typical problems commonly found in this type of foundation: high humidity, mold, and damp,. moldy fiberglass insulation falling from between the floor joists. He knew that if he didn't fix the crawl space, it was just a matter of time before these problems began to compromise the structural integrity of his property.

An environmental consultant hired by his fiancée, upon inspecting the problem, gave them a list of contractors that could help them, and among them was DryZone, LLC.

Howard had a few of them come in and provide estimates, but they ultimately chose DryZone. In this video Howard explains why they chose DryZone and speaks about his satisfaction with the company and the work performed.
"They just moved right through it, they didn't seem to have any problem. I went down there and looked at it and it looked just as well as the pictures you see the brochure!"

- Howard T. of Milton, DE
Thursday, September 29th