Testimonials for DryZone, LLC

Amy G. lives in Milton, DE with her her family. Her young daughter was experiencing asthma issues. Her asthma was being negatively impacted by the air in the home. The wet, unconditioned crawl space was not a good environment for the health of family. Phil came in and helped walk the family through all of their questions and concerns. He even "showed up a little bit early" which impressed the family from the start. Phil accommodated the family's schedules and did what it took to get the family feeling better again. When Bill, the owner of DryZone  reached out and asked the Amy and her family, "Where do you want to be? What do you want to see happen?", the family knew that there was only one answer which would guarantee good health for their family. They chose DryZone and are thrilled that they made that choice.
Amy G. of Milton, DE
Tuesday, May 8th
When Norbert K bought his house in Millsboro, DE, it already came with crawl space that was encapsulated by DryZone Llc., and was therefore covered under our Transferable Lifetime Warranty -- even though the previous homeowner had failed to keep up with the annual maintenance schedule. Encouraged by the home inspector and by the brochures that accompanied the Warranty, Norbert concluded that it was a good idea to not only keep the current system installed, but get it back on track with a maintenance schedule. Sp he gave DryZone Llc. a call and one of the owners, Heather Anderson, personally answered to the questions he had about the system and the products. During that conversation he decided to add a battery-operated backup sump pump to his system for an extra layer of protection. He was quite impressed with the service person who came to his house as well. "Very intelligent because he answered to all the questions I had To me this is brand new! I had a lot of questions for him and he was very courteous and answered to them." Norbert is very happy with his encapsulated crawl space, and so are his grandchildren: "It just stays nice and clean. As a matter of fact my grandchildren even say that it is like a house under our house. They would like to put sleeping bags under there." -- he says. How much does he like his crawl space encapsulation system? "If I had another house I would put it in! I would recommend it to everybody. It is the best thing that ever happened to the bottom of the house!"
Norbert K. of Millsboro, DE
Thursday, December 17th
  Jackie H.'s home in Hockessin, DE had a comfort problem which was caused by a vented and uninsulated crawl space. During the winter, the powder room and the mud room right above it was extremely cold, because freezing outside air was getting into these areas, straight from the crawl space vents. Her neighbor, who is also a builder, advised her to call DryZone LLC. Since he is a knowledgeable person and recommended the company, she didn't even think about contacting anyone else. In this video she talks about her experience with the company and how satisfied she is with the results. Not only his whole house is now much warmer and healthier, but the crawl space that was once humid and nasty, is now dry and clean. "With the product around the walls and the product on the floor, it just looks beautiful down there. You can almost go down there and have dinner in the crawl space now!", says Jackie. "They did a fantastic job!"
Jackie H. of Hockessin, DE
Wednesday, September 7th
  Howard T. from Milton, DE lives in a 20-year-old home with a dirt-floored crawl space that had all the typical problems commonly found in this type of foundation: high humidity, mold, and damp,. moldy fiberglass insulation falling from between the floor joists. He knew that if he didn't fix the crawl space, it was just a matter of time before these problems began to compromise the structural integrity of his property. An environmental consultant hired by his fiancée, upon inspecting the problem, gave them a list of contractors that could help them, and among them was DryZone, LLC. Howard had a few of them come in and provide estimates, but they ultimately chose DryZone. In this video Howard explains why they chose DryZone and speaks about his satisfaction with the company and the work performed. "They just moved right through it, they didn't seem to have any problem. I went down there and looked at it and it looked just as well as the pictures you see the brochure!"
Howard T. of Milton, DE
Thursday, September 29th
  Ed M. 's neiighbor in Miltonm DE who had the crawl space in his home fixed by DryZone, LLC reffered him to us for help with crawl space problems, Ed is very happy with the service, the experience and with one of hour installers. "He worked tirelessly for one whole day in that place and he did an incredible job!" Ed has been recommending us to his neighbors and friends ever since!
Ed M. of Milton, DE
Monday, October 3rd
  Mark S. had been living for 17 years in a home with a problematic crawl space. It was extremely wet. and while running some electric wires through the space he noticed that mold and dry rot were beginning to appear on the beams and joists, which could eventually compromise the structural integrity of the house. He called a few companies but according to him. DryZone was the only company who offered a complete package of solutions to address all of the problems in the crawl space. "There are so many things that you offer that I didn't see in some of the other estimates I've got. " For example. while other competitors would simply use the existing crawl space screens to close the area, DryZone offered an air-tight sealed crawl space door. He was also very impressed with the superior quality of the products including the 20mil CleanSpace liner. Mark is extremely happy with the way his crawl space now looks and feels.
Mark S. of Millsboro, DE
Testimonial Photo by Jim N.
Beautiful work, great crew and the crawl space is the talk of Rock Hall.  Both my plumber and electrician have been here and they have seen other jobs and they were impressed with your crew as well as the quality of the work and clean-up.  Mario is an excellent crew boss and has very good customer relation/service skills.  He and his team should be commended for their work. Again, thank you, Dry Zone and Mario's team for a job well Done!
Jim N. of Rock Hall, MD
Friday, December 4th
Testimonial Photo by Ken & Betty M.
Everything was perfect. No complaints!! Each day everything was cleaned nicely and put away. We used Dry Zone for waterproofing our crawl space and for structural repairs. I can't imagine using anyone else nor would I. I'm sure they are the best in this area.
Ken & Betty M. of East New Market, MD
Friday, March 25th
Testimonial Photo by Ron B.
We were more than pleased with the work your employees did. They were mindful of our home, didn't leave any debris, and were very considerate. I now have access to the other end of the crawlspace and would like to arrange for an estimate. I would also like, if possible, to have the same two individuals do the work. Please contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thank You, Ron B
Ron B. of Dover, DE
Friday, August 7th
Testimonial Photo by Robert L.
What two reasons led you to choose DryZone over another company? Your salesman Barry Adkins - you know Barry need I say more.   How were your initial call to the office and sales visits handled? Excellent. Courteous, knowledgeable, professional   How did the installation of your project go? Excellent. I couldn’t be happier with the employees representing DryZone - I feel confident telling my friends about the work performed on my house.   Please grade our clean up. Excellent. 2 hard workers you’re lucky to have   Which DryZone employee stood out above the rest? Last year I had the crawl space completely encapsulated the two employees then and the 2 employees this tie installed the supports. As I have said before you fortunate to have such hardworking people who actually care about doing quality work - Doing it right the 1st time!   Do you have any general comments for feedback related to the production team? Give them all raises - I am sure they will like that comment thank you Barry! Thank you Todd!   Will you recommend us to you family and friends? Yes   Would you hire our company again for another waterproofing, structural, or finishing project? Yes.
Robert L. of Frederica, DE
Friday, January 8th
What two reasons led you to choose DryZone over another company? This is the 3rd Job that you’ve done for us. Had work done for us in the past and knew you did good work.   How were your initial call to the office and sales visits handled? Excellent   How did the installation of your project go? Excellent   Please grade our clean up. Excellent   Which DryZone employee stood out above the rest? Jose - very good.   Do you have any general commets for feedback related to the produciton team? Very Professional.   Will you recommend us to you family and friends? Yes   Would you hire our company again for another waterproofing, structural, or finishing project? Yes  
Pat H. of Laurel , DE
Thursday, October 22nd
I had dealt with the company in the past and I was pleased with their work and proffesionalism. I couldn't even tell that they had been here.
Terry D. of Salisbury, MD
Tuesday, July 14th
Testimonial Photo by Jim L.
DryZone,  The service technician you sent to perform the recent work on our CleanSpace was very porfessional and did a very nice job. His name is Harry Harrison. Please thank him for me.  Sincerely,  Jim L. 
Jim L. of Salisbury, MD
Wednesday, December 23rd
 I was thrilled when the project was completed ! Jose and his crew did a excellent job and I couldn't be happier. 
Annalee A. of Wilmington, DE
Tuesday, March 3rd
What two reasons led you to choose DryZone over another company? Name recognition   How were your initial call to the office and sales visits handled? Excellent.   How did the installation of your project go? Excellent.   Please grade our clean up. Excellent.   Which DryZone employee stood out above the rest? Johnny Scarborough always goes the extra mile   Do you have any general comments for feedback related to the production team? All seemed polite, worked hard. The Foremen - good guys.   Will you recommend us to you family and friends? Yes   Would you hire our company again for another waterproofing, structural, or finishing project? Yes.  
Patricia H. of Milton, DE
Thursday, February 18th
"Mary and I just wanted to say how much we appreciated what you did to make our home right again. Dealing with the mold, mildew and humidity issues for the past couple of months on top of the stresses of everythig that is going on in our lives (COVID19, storm clean up and health), I must say that you made our home feel like home again.  The two employees that delivered and set up the new SaniDry Sedona were quick, polite and professional. Harry, the Service Technician that arrived first that morning to troubleshoot was also very polite and professional too.   None of this would have been possible without your direct involvement. It is so refreshing to see a business ownner take such pride in their company and in providing great customer service. Words just don't seem to be enough to try to express our gratitude and appreciation."
Tony S. of Pocomoke City, MD
Tuesday, September 15th
Testimonial Photo by George D.
I was very Satisifed with DryZone, they are well organized and hightly professional. My experience from the first call and with all of the office staff was very pleasant - great manners and effective. They answer the phone quickly and in person. They answer questiosn effectivly. Your Sales person was great - clear, credible communicator.  The installation crew was outstanding. They knew what to do and how to do it. They worked together well and were competant. The cold answer questions and provide status updates effectivly. All debris were gone. The crawl space is immaculate and dry. What a treat!  I met and received three bids and researched on the internet before contacting DryZone. What made me choose them was that they knew what needed to be done and why. I was able to recognize the quality difference in DryZone methods, explanations and soultion. DryZone was not the cheaperst proposal but was, by far, the superior solution.  The Brochure received in advance of sales appointment was highly professional and provided (almost) overwhelming in solution details. Because I had done research and had three competing quotes, the brochure pre-sold me on DryZone. If I had contacted Dry Zone as 'first' vendor I would not have been ready to say 'yes' to what is clearly the best solution - - and highest priced. I compliment Dry Zone for being a well-organized, well-run company with a superior crawl space encapsulation solution. Your employees have been carefully selected, well trained, and are excellent in their work and as ambassadors of your company. 
George D. of Lewes, DE
Wednesday, December 9th
"Loved the work! "
Robert B. of Selbyville, DE
Sunday, June 28th
Loved the work!
Robert B. of Selbyville, DE
Sunday, June 28th
The installation was great.  I would hire them again.
Todd S. of Berlin, MD
Tuesday, June 23rd
DryZone is very lucky to have an employee like Steve and the world needs 200 million more gentelemen like him!
Gene K. of Ocean View, DE
Friday, April 24th
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