Basement Defender

Basement Defender™

Sump pumps are a great tool for keeping water out of your basement, but all of them will fail eventually. Even with a battery back up, a sump pump failure could eventually cause flooding and serious damage to your basement. Basement Defender™ is your solution. This device will test your sump pump every morning and warn you about mechanical problems before you have an emergency.

When you have Basement Defender™ installed you no longer need to worry about your sump pump. Instead, you can rest easy when you work or travel since you know that your sump pump is working properly to keep your basement or crawl space dry all the time.

Basement Defender™ Features

Basement Defender
  • At 8 AM daily (Eastern Time) the system tests your primary and backup pumps
  • Alerts you when issues are detected via email, text, and app notifications
  • Detects any significant changes using temperature and humidity sensors
  • Sends alerts and syncs data using your Wi-Fi network
  • You can use the mobile app to check on the system even when you're away from home
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