Job Stories

Job Stories

NexusPro Seals Cracks in Bowie, MD
This homeowner in Bowie, MD called DryZone to see what they could do to repair their driveway before replacing the whole thing.  With our NexusPro crack and joint sealant, we were able to seal everything and prolong the longevity of the concrete driveway.     
Joint Sealing a Driveway in Bowie, MD
This homeowner wanted to protect their driveway before any cold front or flurries. With our NexusPro joint sealant, we were able to seal in between all of their concrete slabs to protect its integrity and also keep water out! 
Helical Piers in Westminster, MD
This homeowner in Westminster, MD not only needed a lift for part of their garage with PolyLevel, they also needed 5 helical piers to keep the home stabilized and prevent further cracking of the foundation.  With the help of DryZone, they were able to fix, not replace, their foundation!
Sealing Cracks Yourself Isn't All That It Seems
Some homeowners try anything to save money, at least one time! But opting to purchase do-it-yourself sealants from a local hardware store and attempting your best effort to seal concrete joints yourself may give you more problems in the long run. These purchased sealants are urethane-based and do not hold up well to UV rays (sunlight) and temperature changes. They actually break down causing it to become inflexible and brittle over time. With these bonds broken, these sealants no longer offer protection against water.  Another drawback to a DIY approach is related to installation methods. Proper sealant application requires deep cleaning to remove all substances from the joints, grinding the joint edges, and finishing. These steps require experience and equipment that most homeowners do not have. The DIY results end up being messy, ineffective and rarely turn out as the homeowner planned.  Hiring a skilled professional with years of experience and expertise can save you time and money in the long run. Installation includes special preparation of joints, seams and cracks. Deep cleaning to remove debris, followed by grinding and filling where needed is done with special equipment most do not readily have.  Our team seals cracks and joints with a silicone-based sealant, which remains more pliable than traditional urethane-based caulking used in concrete joints. So the natural expansion and contraction of concrete during temperature changes won't break its bond. Our joint sealant is also resistant to UV rays, which results in no drying, cracking or bubbling.  So before you DIY, give us a try! You will not regret have DryZone protect and seal your cracks!    
Basement Water Proofing Transformation in Chadds Ford, PA
Standard basement drainage systems are prone to clogging and failure. This is why DryZone uses WaterGuard to protect homes. WaterGuard has patented protection agains clogs and has critical inspection ports which can be accessed by technicicans to clear any debri which does accumulate. Team DryZone then installed a new sump pump for the WaterGuard to drain into. After that, Brightwall was installed giving the homeowners a much more hospitable environment. The water had damged the integrity of the walls, but Team DryZone has solutions for that too. PowerBrace was used to reinforce the walls. This reinforcement will ensure that this home is safe for these homeowners.
Basement Water Proofing Installation in Marcus Hook, PA
This back room in the basement was causing the homeowners problems. There was a sump pump, but the water that would come into the basement was not draining into the existing sump pump. DryZone installed a WaterGuard drainage system along the periphery of the basement that will allow water to drain into the sump pump. The protection for this homeowner went a step further with the installation of CleanSpace Wall Liner along the walls. This will give the homeowner peace during rainy weather and protect this home for years to come.
Water in a Crawl Space in St. Michaels
This homeowner in St. Michaels recently purchased their home and discovered that over a foot of water in their crawl space. They had used DryZone in the past, so they knew where to turn. After the inspection it turned out that their existing sump pump had failed. The right move for this homeowner was to encapsulate the stone floor crawl space with CleanSpace and install a new SmartSump. As well to make sure their home was dry and safe they installed a Turtl. 
CleanSpace Crawl Space
This homeowner contacted DryZone knowing that they had an issue with their crawl space. Years of moisture in the crawl space had caused the insulation to fall. What thy didn’t know was the extent the damage the moisture had on their crawl space. The inspection took place in October, a month with relatively low humidity, In their crawl space the humidity levels were over 70. This is a perfect breeding ground for mold and is the reason their insulation was falling. Going into the winter months, the failing insulation on their floor would have provided little warmth an comfort and could cause higher heating bills. This homeowner knew they needed to take action and make a change. Instead of keeping the existing insulation or putting up new fiberglass insulation, the homeowner made the switch to SilverGlo insulation. This will keep the crawl space at the same temperature as the inside of the house - without heating or cooling the crawlspace. It will also make sure heat doesn’t leave the home through the floors. These homeowner also encapsulated their crawl space with CleanSpace - keeping it dry and clean for years to come. They also knew that they needed to replace their old sump pump with a new SmartSump and IceGuard. 
Beautiful Home Needs a Beautiful Crawl Space
This homeowner called DryZone because he believed that the two sump pumps in his crawl space weren’t draining properly. As well he was concerned about the insulation. During our inspection we noticed some pretty surprising issues. The homeowner was right about the insulation! They needed to have all of it removed, due to mold. As well the homeowners need to have their vents blocked and sealed with the addition of an EverLast Door to prevent any more critters from making their crawl space a home. Another issue that was detected was that their sump pumps were just buckets with a small pump inside. In order to correct this major mistake the homeowners opted for the TripleSafe Sump Pump. This will keep their crawlspace dry ALL THE TIME. Encapsulating their crawl space and creating a dry environment that will make sure their home is safe and healthy for years and years to come! 
Crawl Space at the Beach
This crawl space in Dewey Beach was a mess. The open, vented crawl space allowed moisture to enter the space and critters. They noticed mold growing and were growing increasingly concerned. Although they knew they had to do something and knew about encapsulation they were not sure how to do this in a flood zone.  DryZone was able to show them that their crawl space can still be encapsulated and close the vents off keeping humid air out. But allow the crawl space to drain when high waters invaded the area during hurricanes and nor’easters, something that the mid-atlantic knows happens every year.  The homeowners had DryZone install SmartVents. These will allow flood waters to recede but come with the option to close the vents of the crawl space. In addition to the SmartVents the homeowners also made sure to update their sump pump, add a dehumidifier, and instal drainage matting and CleanSpace. This will help to protect their home year round!
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