Job Stories

Job Stories

PolyLevel Helps Restore this Pool Deck in Sykesville, MD
PolyLevel injection is a system by which two substances come together to expand and create a very strong lifting agent with the appearance of foam. This strong "foam" can lift up to 6000 pounds and cures within minutes. It is the perfect way to lift concrete along pools which has fallen due to ground settling. The PolyLevel is injected below the concrete slab and you can be using your pool within a days time.
Making an Entrance to a Crawlspace Outside a Home in Camden, DE
This home in Camden, DE only had one entrance to their crawlspace, which was inside the home. After calling DryZone to check out their crawlspace, it was decided that we would make a new entrance to the crawlspace outside the home with a new EverLast crawlspace well and door.  
The Effects of a Wet Crawlspace in Camden, DE
This couple in Camden, DE have lived in their home over 28 years. When the cracks in their home became bigger and bigger, they turned to DryZone to see what could be done. When our System Design Specialist came out to review their crawlspace, they found that some structural wood underneath the home had rotted, causing parts of the home to sag, creating the cracks. We replaced a girder and a joist before encapsulating the whole crawlspace and installing a sump pump and a dehumidifier. 
Helical Piers in Westminster, MD
This homeowner in Westminster, MD not only needed a lift for part of their garage with PolyLevel, they also needed 5 helical piers to keep the home stabilized and prevent further cracking of the foundation.  With the help of DryZone, they were able to fix, not replace, their foundation!
NexusPro Seals Cracks in Bowie, MD
This homeowner in Bowie, MD called DryZone to see what they could do to repair their driveway before replacing the whole thing.  With our NexusPro crack and joint sealant, we were able to seal everything and prolong the longevity of the concrete driveway.     
Joint Sealing a Driveway in Bowie, MD
This homeowner wanted to protect their driveway before any cold front or flurries. With our NexusPro joint sealant, we were able to seal in between all of their concrete slabs to protect its integrity and also keep water out! 
Sealing Cracks Yourself Isn't All That It Seems
Some homeowners try anything to save money, at least one time! But opting to purchase do-it-yourself sealants from a local hardware store and attempting your best effort to seal concrete joints yourself may give you more problems in the long run. These purchased sealants are urethane-based and do not hold up well to UV rays (sunlight) and temperature changes. They actually break down causing it to become inflexible and brittle over time. With these bonds broken, these sealants no longer offer protection against water.  Another drawback to a DIY approach is related to installation methods. Proper sealant application requires deep cleaning to remove all substances from the joints, grinding the joint edges, and finishing. These steps require experience and equipment that most homeowners do not have. The DIY results end up being messy, ineffective and rarely turn out as the homeowner planned.  Hiring a skilled professional with years of experience and expertise can save you time and money in the long run. Installation includes special preparation of joints, seams and cracks. Deep cleaning to remove debris, followed by grinding and filling where needed is done with special equipment most do not readily have.  Our team seals cracks and joints with a silicone-based sealant, which remains more pliable than traditional urethane-based caulking used in concrete joints. So the natural expansion and contraction of concrete during temperature changes won't break its bond. Our joint sealant is also resistant to UV rays, which results in no drying, cracking or bubbling.  So before you DIY, give us a try! You will not regret have DryZone protect and seal your cracks!    
Sinking Foundation
The homeowners of this house in Onancock, VA were concerned with the cracks that they noticed on the side of the home. They knew that they had a foundation issue but were unsure of how solve the problem. They also noticed other issues inside the home , like cracked drywall and sinking floors.  Our inspector found that their problem was in the foundation of the home and needed to be address with helical piers. Their foundation was sinking and causing major structural problems. The home needed 7 piers installed. With these piers installed the home will be stable and DryZone will keep under a warranty for 25 years. Although these homeowner are thinking about settling the warranty will transfer to the new homeowners. Giving everyone peace of mind.
Basement Water Proofing Transformation in Chadds Ford, PA
Standard basement drainage systems are prone to clogging and failure. This is why DryZone uses WaterGuard to protect homes. WaterGuard has patented protection agains clogs and has critical inspection ports which can be accessed by technicicans to clear any debri which does accumulate. Team DryZone then installed a new sump pump for the WaterGuard to drain into. After that, Brightwall was installed giving the homeowners a much more hospitable environment. The water had damged the integrity of the walls, but Team DryZone has solutions for that too. PowerBrace was used to reinforce the walls. This reinforcement will ensure that this home is safe for these homeowners.
Basement Water Proofing Installation in Marcus Hook, PA
This back room in the basement was causing the homeowners problems. There was a sump pump, but the water that would come into the basement was not draining into the existing sump pump. DryZone installed a WaterGuard drainage system along the periphery of the basement that will allow water to drain into the sump pump. The protection for this homeowner went a step further with the installation of CleanSpace Wall Liner along the walls. This will give the homeowner peace during rainy weather and protect this home for years to come.
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