DryZone, LLC Q&A

Does my crawlspace need a dehumidifier?

Yes! Absolutely! Most of the air in every home comes from the lowest location, which in Delmarva, is usually the crawlspace! A well-conditioned crawlspace using a dehumidifier is the best method of keeping your home dry, happy, and healthy! The best dehumidifier for your crawlspace is the Sani-Dry Sedona Dehumidifier. The Sedona is a no-mess, low-maintenance, powerful, and energy-efficient dehumidifier designed specifically for the crawlspace! Contact us today to learn more.

How do you fix a leaky basement wall?

It depends! There are several causes for a leaky basement wall. 


At DryZone, we like to investigate the causes before we offer solutions. But here are some of the solutions we offer. 



How long does mudjacking last?

There is no warranty with mudjacking and it adds a great deal of weight to already sinking soil, we instead recommend PolyLevel or slab piers to solve sinking concrete. Both of these come with guarantees. PolyLevel has a 5 year guarantee while Slab Piers have a 25 year guarantee. The installation process with PolyLevel is very quick whereas the installation of slab piers can be lengthy and labor intensive. There are many options available, please contact us and we will give you a free, no obligation inspection.

What is the best crawl space vapor barrier?

We recommend a product called 'CleanSpace'. CleanSpace is a 20 millimeter thick plastic liner, similar to a pool liner, that can be fitted in your crawl space to completely seal off your crawl space from the earth. CleanSpace is a seven layer material which is reinforced inside with polyester. It is heavy and durable and expertly installed by the DryZone team.

Why does my crawlspace smell?

Crawlspaces can have problems with high humidity. High humidity can lead to microbial growth and wood rot which is largely responsible for those funky smells in your crawl space!


Also, the insulation in your crawlspace contains uric acid, which when wet or moist, can smell like cat urine. 


Good news, we have solutions to all of that and more! Contact us for a free inspection!