DryZone, LLC Q&A

Can electrical outlets be added to a condo?

With a condo, shared walls can be a challenge when adding electrical outlets and circuits. But Team DryZone is up for the challenge! To provide the outlets desired, it may require cutting into drywall, but yes, it can be done.

Can the speakers in my ceiling be changed to recessed lighting fixtures?

Yes they can. Speaker wiring is different than lighting wiring, so new wiring would have to be run, but you can use the same physical location for speakers and lighting fixtures.

Can you replace cynder block basement walls with poured concrete?

This is an interesting question. Are you seeing cracks along your cinder block basement walls? We have foundation solutions to help! Do you want a better basement wall appearance? We have solutions for that too! But, if none of these questions apply and you simply want to switch things up, please know that this is a lengthy option. We have inspectors who are skilled designers for whatever your basement walls need.

How long does mudjacking last?

There is no warranty with mudjacking and it adds a great deal of weight to already sinking soil, we instead recommend PolyLevel or slab piers to solve sinking concrete. Both of these come with guarantees. PolyLevel has a 5 year guarantee while Slab Piers have a 25 year guarantee. The installation process with PolyLevel is very quick whereas the installation of slab piers can be lengthy and labor intensive. There are many options available, please contact us and we will give you a free, no obligation inspection.

My fuse box is full, but I want to run electric out to my shed. Can that be done? How?

There are a number of options available to do that. The easiest of these is called a tandum breaker. This can give you an extra space in a full panel. Too many of these are dangerous, so the solution to that is to put a sub panel or pony panel in. Most houses have 200 amp service. If you are exceeding that, you may need to upgrade your service to 400 amp service. We can help you diagnose which of these solutions works best in your home!

My house has aluminum wiring. Is that ok?

As long as the wiring is not touched, then it is typically fine. But if you go to change anything in your home, the wiring will break and be very dangerous. We can help you assess your home and rewire it if necessary.

Should I change my screw in fuses?

Absolutely! You may also need to change your panel that is often related to those screw in fuses. There are some breaker panels that are common out there that have been since outlawed due to the fact that they cause fires.  You can contact DryZone to change those fuses and breaker panels out for you.

What is the best crawl space vapor barrier?

We recommend a product called 'CleanSpace'. CleanSpace is a 20 millimeter thick plastic liner, similar to a pool liner, that can be fitted in your crawl space to completely seal off your crawl space from the earth. CleanSpace is a seven layer material which is reinforced inside with polyester. It is heavy and durable and expertly installed by the DryZone team.