Ask Contractor

Things You Should Ask Your Contractor

Company Information
  1. Ask to see a copy of license? Delaware Maryland MHIC Maryland MHIC can be looked up at (Find who is licensed) The License needs to be the name of the company performing the work.
  2. Are crawl spaces and basements your primary business focus?
  3. What certifications do you have?
  4. Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
  5. Are you a member of any Home Builders Associations?
  6. Are you a member of any other associations?
  7. Who backs your warranty in the event you go out of business?


  1. Was the sales person on time? If not did he call?
  2. Was the sales person courteous and knowledgeable?
  3. Was the sales person the same person who did the inspection?
  4. Was the sales person certified?
  5. Did the sales person take and show you pictures?
  6. Did the sales person take humidity and wood moisture content readings?
  7. Did the sales person have detailed product literature and a proposal?

Sump Pump & Drainage System

  1. Do you use Rigid 4 Inch High Flow Slotted PVC pipe for your drainage system?
  2. Do you use a Geotextile Filter Sock (helps prevent sand clogging) on your drainage pipes?
  3. Does your pump system contain any alarm for high water level or plumbing leaks that can be connected to a home alarm system?
  4. Does your pump set on a CleanPump Stand?
  5. Does your sump container have a floor drain for plumbing leaks?
  6. Is your sump system sealed from the crawl space?
  7. Do you have an antifreeze device on the sump pump discharge to help prevent freeze ups in cold weather?
  8. Do you offer a Battery backup sump pump?

Moisture Barrier

  1. How long Is your moisture barrier guaranteed for?
  2. Is the guarantee transferable?
  3. How thick is your moisture barrier?
  4. Does the moisture barrier have a mold inhibitor?
  5. Do you use a waterproof tape between the floor seams?
  6. Do you offer a drainage / protective matt to be used under the liner?
  7. Will the walls be lined?
  8. Will space be left above the wall liner for termite inspection?
  9. Will the piers be wrapped with liner?


  1. Is your dehumidifier designed specifically for crawl spaces?
  2. Is it EnergyStar Rated? What are the run Amps? What is the Pint Per Day Rating? What is the CFM?
  3. How large of a crawl space can your dehumidifier reduce the humidity to below 50%?
  4. Does you dehumidifier use a pre filter?
  5. Does your dehumidifier use a pleated primary filter rated Merv 11?
  6. What is the warranty?

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