Crawl Space Repair Customer Testimonial from Norbert K. in Millsboro, DE

When Norbert K bought his house in Millsboro, DE, it already came with crawl space that was encapsulated by DryZone Llc., and was therefore covered under our Transferable Lifetime Warranty -- even though the previous homeowner had failed to keep up with the annual maintenance schedule.

Encouraged by the home inspector and by the brochures that accompanied the Warranty, Norbert concluded that it was a good idea to not only keep the current system installed, but get it back on track with a maintenance schedule. Sp he gave DryZone Llc. a call and one of the owners, Heather Anderson, personally answered to the questions he had about the system and the products. During that conversation he decided to add a battery-operated backup sump pump to his system for an extra layer of protection.

He was quite impressed with the service person who came to his house as well. "Very intelligent because he answered to all the questions I had To me this is brand new! I had a lot of questions for him and he was very courteous and answered to them."

Norbert is very happy with his encapsulated crawl space, and so are his grandchildren: "It just stays nice and clean. As a matter of fact my grandchildren even say that it is like a house under our house. They would like to put sleeping bags under there." -- he says.

How much does he like his crawl space encapsulation system? "If I had another house I would put it in! I would recommend it to everybody. It is the best thing that ever happened to the bottom of the house!"

- Norbert K. of Millsboro, DE
Thursday, December 17th