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Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Cracked and Bowing walls

Cracking and bowing of the walls is a very dangerous situation to be in. At any minute, if not taken care of quickly can result in to a very serious situation which could include having to buy another home.

Cracked Foundation

This cracked foundation is clearly shown even outside of the home, as well as the inside. DryZone came out to repair the damages. The building was on settling soil and was breaking the building apart. Once we were there, we addressed the situation by putting fresh virgin soil around the home, then propped them up with anchors.

Arden, DE Foundation

A home in Arden, DE had some problems with the foundation. DryZone had came out to fix what was wrong, the homeowners were very pleased with the work we had done.

Avenue Methodist Church

In the flooring of this Methodist Church, there was a 5 inch gap between the door way. DryZone came out and was able to fix the gap by placing concrete in between the gap to fill it. It turns out the church had no other foundation problems, other than the one 5 inch gap in the basement. They had also requested to have a sump pump installed in case of a flood, or any water getting in.

Kingstown, MD poor structral support for sagging floors

This is what is known as a lolly column. They are often found in basements when someone is trying to strengthen the sagging floors. As you can see, they rust and bend. Sometimes they even rust so bad that they fall apart.

Total Before & After Sets: 95