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Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Power Braces for Support in Crownsville, MD

This family in Crownsville. MD was in need of some support in their basement ASAP! With the help of our PowerBrace system, we were able to stabilize the wall that was failing. 

The PowerBrace system is designed to permanently stabilize your home's foundation with Zinc-plated steel beams custom fit to the wall height and secured tightly against it. PowerBrace's unique, patented design allows the system to be tightened over time, stopping wall failure without any invasive drilling or digging.

Helical Piers Lift Sinking Steps in Rosedale, MD

This homeowner called DryZone with concern about his steps which were sinking and leaning into his home. Our inspector knew that the quickest and easiest solution to this problem would be the use of helical piers. Our crews arrived and installed helical piers on both sides of the stairs giving them the support that they needed to stand straight. Once more, a presentable and safe entrance to the home was restored through the efforts of Team DryZone.

Foundation Repair in Nottingham, MD

This homeowner in Nottingham, MD needed a little extra support under their home! We installed 16 SmartJacks and a supplemental beam to lift the house back to its original position. 



Strong Floors in Stevensville, MD

Sagging floors can bounce and become weak over time. With a strong support beam and a slight lift, these floors feel solid to walk on. 

Wye Mills, MD Basement needed Foundation Repairs

Ever since this homeowner moved in, they noticed a crack in the basement wall. During dry seasons it was never a concern; however, rainy seasons quickly led to water leaking and puddles on the ground. After a while, this homeowner became frustrated with the inability to finish the basement or even use it for storage. They knew they needed a basement and foundation expert to take a look and help them fix this consistent problem. 

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