Testimonials for DryZone, LLC

Stonewater Creek, in Millsboro, De, had a party for their community planned to celebrate Memorial Day, but they found a problem surrounding the community pool. Underneath the concrete, they found that the soil under it had started to settle, creating a void, with nothing supporting the concrete. After doing research they learned that removing and replacing the concrete would be a very timely and costly job, pushing back their celebration WEEKS. In their research, they found DryZone and our PolyLevel concrete lifting service. We were able to get the job done, and the concrete supported, just in time for their Memorial Day celebration to go on as scheduled! Listen to what Rich has to say about his experiance with DryZone.
Rich R. of Millsoro, DE
Friday, June 16th
  In this video, Jim W. from the Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford, DE talks about the experience and service provided by DryZone, LLC. during a concrete lifting project using the revolutionary PolyLEVEL™ System. PolyLEVEL was used to lift the main floor in the hallway of the hospital, near the elevators because the concrete was not leveled. That was causing troubles as the staff pushed patients in wheel chairs and stretchers through the hallway. Jim was very impressed with the company, the crew and the product. Unlike conventional mudjacking, PolyLEVEL can be applied with minimal disruption and virtually no down time, for a fraction of the cost of concrete replacement. "The mess was minimal from doing that versus what I was used to which was a big mess -- and a health care organization can't have that type of mess" - says Jim. Click here to watch a time-lapse video of the Nanticoke Memorial Hospital Project
Jim W. of Seaford, DE
Tuesday, October 11th
Sales representative was very thorough & knowledgeable. The office staff was always available to answer any questions. The sales rep was courteous, and not pretentious as the other company we had out. The crew was hard working.
Thomas & Roxanne H. of Middletown, DE
Wednesday, June 7th
We’ve had a lot of workers over the years here. The two young gentlemen Elder and Wesley showed up and I've got to tell you they were two of the most impressive workers with the nicest personalities. They knew what they were doing, went the extra mile and were just so careful about everything they did. I couldn’t have been more impressed. These guys were wonderful and they weren’t just in the moment and they really do your company well as your first impression. 
Chris P. of Middletown, DE
Tuesday, September 22nd
Everything was fantastic. The people I talked to were great.
Gail B. of Newark, DE
Monday, July 31st
Jeff was outstanding!
Scott C. of Sterling Circle, Dover, DE
Wednesday, June 7th
So far your system is working very good. It's really nice to go under my house with-out having to put on a wet suit. Bill's presentation was very detailed and he answered all the questions to my satisfaction.
Michael and Teresa M. of Delmar, MD
Thursday, June 8th
We are very happy and pleased
Harley L. of Salisbury, MD
Wednesday, June 7th
DryZone previously rehabbed my 2 crawlspaces and did a wonderful job. When I needed concrete work, I contacted them again.
Gail D. of Elsmere, DE
Monday, September 7th
Testimonial Photo by Gail D.
To all of you at DryZone,  I wanted to write and thank you for the design and completion of the concrete project completed on 9/1/2020. Thank you Derek for the design; thank you to Elder, Ignacio, and Wes for the excellent work of leveling and protecting the pool deck. A shout out to Lyndon also! You all do such wonderful work.   Very truly yours,  Gail D.
Gail D. of Elsmere, DE
Monday, October 12th
I was impressed with their presentation and information
Andrew N. of Milford, DE
Wednesday, June 7th
Was very impressed with Bill's presentation and information.
Andrew N. of Milford, DE
Wednesday, June 7th
Steve Clendaniel was neat, prompt, courteous, & knowledgeable of the product - kudos to him. Everyone was very nice to us. We would recommend your product to replace any window well. Much easier to access crawlspace.
Anthony & Jeannette M. of Milton, DE
Wednesday, June 7th
Beam was falling- Bill seemed confident he could help us. Returned my calls promptly. Chose DryZone due to it's courteous and caring staff.
Brian L. of Milton, DE
Wednesday, June 7th
I found Kenny to be very courteous, experienced in his job. He seems to be a great employee for your company.
E. G. of Millsboro, DE
Wednesday, June 7th
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