Why Does Concrete Sink?

What Causes a Concrete Slab to Sink?

Sinking concrete sidewalk

Erosion can cause a walkway to sink, creating a tripping hazard.

Before repairing your sinking concrete, it's important to understand why the concrete has sunk to make sure it doesn't happen again. Most of the time, the culprit is the soil underneath the concrete slab.

Concrete is heavy, and when the soil underneath the concrete slab can't support its weight, the slab will sink. Concrete that is cracking or sinking will get worse over time. This causes safety concerns and can even cause structural damage to other parts of your home.

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Before and After
  • Void Fill Under Front Steps in Laurel, MD
    Void Fill Under Front Steps in Laurel, MD

    This homeowner was concerned that their entrance was at risk for sinking permanently. The ground beneath it had washed away. PolyLevel was used to fill the void beneath these stairs and gave these homeowners the peace of mind that they so needed.

  • Beautiful Sinking Patio
    Beautiful Sinking Patio

    This beautiful patio was sinking and causing a tripping hazard!

  • Crack in Porch Repaired by DryZone in Havre De Grace, MD
    Crack in Porch Repaired by DryZone in Havre De Grace, MD

    This porch had sunk and cracked due to routine settling. This was the result of normal settling. The good news for this homeowner is that DryZone is more than a normal company. We fix things and we fix them the right way and guarantee it will stay fixed. This cracking which resulted from the settling was fixed with NexxusPro and this homeowner will be happy for years to come!

  • Sinking Sidewalk in Middletown
    Sinking Sidewalk in Middletown

    This homeowner was concerned because the sidewalk leading up to their home was starting to sink. On rainy days this would cause large areas of water and needed to be addressed. The solution, PolyLevel concrete lifting. 

  • Sealing the Cracks on a Concrete Deck in Newark, DE
    Sealing the Cracks on a Concrete Deck in Newark, DE

    Open seams in concrete slabs welcome water that washes away the dirt underneath. As a result, the concrete slabs can start to sink lower into the ground and cause tripping hazards!

Causes of concrete settlement

The soils underneath an outdoor concrete slab can fail to support the weight of the slab due to three main causes:

Soil shrinkage and expansion

Shrinking soil

Changes in the amount of moisture in the soil can affect the soil underneath your concrete slab. When the soil gets wet, it holds water and expands in size. This is especially true for clay soil. When the soil becomes dry, it begins to shrink, creating voids (or empty space) under the slab, resulting in uneven, cracked concrete.

Soil washout

Washed out soil

Water from heavy rains and plumbing leaks can find its way underneath your concrete slab and wash away the soil that's supporting the concrete. As the soil gets washed away, this leaves voids under the slab. With nothing to support the weight of the concrete, the slab will begin to sink.

Poorly compacted soil

Loose soil around driveway

During installation of a concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk or foundation, if the new concrete is poured on top of loosely compacted soil, the slab is more likely to settle. As the fill soil underneath the concrete slab compresses and settles, this creates voids under the slab. With nothing supporting the slab, the concrete cracks and sinks.

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