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Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

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Basement Trench Drain

This home had water gathering at the bottom of the stair by the door. DryZone had the solution. 

Wet Moldy Basement Gets BrightWall

This wet and moldy basement in Oxford, Maryland just had BrightWall installed. This wall paneling protects your basement from moisture since it cannot penetrate past the wall. It lets any water leaking from the wall or floor or moisture drain behind the wall and into a drainage system that flows into a sump pump. The water is then pumped out of your basement away from the house. With BrightWall you can safely finish your basement or keep your storage safely knowing it won't get ruined by moisture.

Still Pond, MD SuperSump Pump

The Still Pond, MD basement needs DryZone to install a SuperSump pump! The homeowners are experiencing water damage in their basement and they do not want the problem to continue. They contacted DryZone to come to the property and inspect the basement. After our team saw the water damage, we knew the homeowners would need a pump! 

The homeowners are very satisfied with their basement now, especially since the water is not damaging their basement anymore. 

Basement Waterproofing in Still Pond, MD

Where your basement wall meets your floor, there is an imperfect seam. This seam is easily compromised and allows groundwater to enter your basement. With a trench drain system from DryZone, water that enters that imperfect seam is redirected to a sump pump and drained far from your home. 

Standing Water?

Standing water in a crawlspace is not good. If you have standing water like this house in Cordova, MD, we recommend you get a sump pump. We sell three sump pumps, the SmartSump, UltraSump, and the TripleSafe. 

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