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Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

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Dry Basement in Stevensville

A Stevensville homeowner called us about constant standing water in their basement. We went to the home to service a Triple Safe Sump Pump and make some improvements on the drainage to prevent further flooding. 

Waterproofing an External Basement Wall in Stevensville, MD

Basements can hold moisture and cause damage to foundation walls. With the help of a proper drainage pipe and CleanSpace, water can be led to a sump pump keeping the basement dry!

Where to put the family at holidays

Everyone has at one time or another asked this very question, "Its Christmas, where is everyone sleeping?"  Total Basement Finishing by DryZone can answer all of these questions and more!  We finish the basement with special walls that come with a 50 year warranty, and with this great system we can cut the building time in half when compared to conventional building.  Delaware and Maryland have a high water tables, and the hydostatic pressure can squeeze water into your basement. With our refinishing system water can never hurt it. Total Basement Finishing also comes with a new type of insulation called SilverGlo. This insulation is 3" EPS foam that is graphite embedded and has a radiant barrier.  Please call to schedule a free design consultation and find out how your space can go from basement to beautiful.  DryZone serves all of Delmarva including Middletown, Salisbury, Chester and Harrington.   

Waterproofing a Flooding Tilghman, MD Basement

Flooding in the basement became a normal occurrence for this Tilghman, MD homeowner. Over time, this homeowner was unable to use their basement for storage because there was constantly a puddle near the laundry area. He knew he had a water leak, but did not know the leak was coming from his basement walls! He had the experts at DryZone waterproof his walls and create a WaterGuard drain system to guide water to a TripleSafe sump pump.

Talbot County home with a concrete crawlspace needed a new sump pump

This home in the town of Bozman was constantly wet. Instead of the typical dirt crawlspace, this home was built with a concrete floor in the crawlspace. A concrete floor will protect the crawlspace from moisture better than a dirt floor, but it still isn't waterproof or sealed. Concrete is basically a very hard sponge, meaning there are a lot of very tiny holes in the floor. These holes will let water through when it builds up under the slab. When DryZone waterproofs a concrete crawlspace, we treat is much like a leaky basement. Drainage pipes are installed to direct ground water off to the sump pump. In this particular house, the amount of pipes installed meant the homeowner needed three separate pumps. When you have a long section of drainage pipe between pumps, the water tends not to move as easily. Think of it like a mountain stream, at one end it could be a raging rapid and at the other end it might be a tiny trickle. To keep the system working efficiently, the homeowner and designer laid out a plan for over 300 feet of pipe and three independent pumps.

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