Concrete Lifting and Leveling - Raising an Interior Floor Concrete Slab in New Castle, DE with PolyLEVEL™


The concrete slab in the interior of Walter Cooper's office in DE had sunk up to 1 inch in multiple rooms of the facility. creating gaps between the floor and the bottom of the interior walls.

Upon inspection, DryZone determined that the PolyLEVEL™ System was the perfect solution to raise the sinking slab.

This remarkable product, can be applied with little to no disruption, through dime-size holes, drilled in the concrete floor. There is no fuss or mess if compared to messy mudjacking, and it costs a fraction of they would have paid for concrete replacement.

What makes PolyLEVEL specially suited for this type of interior application is also the fact that there is virtually no down time,. PolyLEVEL cures in minutes.

That means that traffic and business operations over the treated areas were resumed almost immediately the application shown in this time-lapse video.