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If you are planning to finish your basement or already have, to be up to code and to consider it a living space and count as square footage added to your home you must have an egrass window installed. This is a window that you can climb out of and escape in the event of an emergency. Especially if you already have an egrass window or just have one of those tiny windows you know that the metal or plastic wells they put in don't last very long. Plants grow in them, the tops break, the metal rusts, and the plastic cracks and lets water in. A leaky window is not good, plus those other designs are so ugly. However DryZone now installs a product called RockWell. RockWell is one piece, so water can't leak in and it won't crack. It will not rust, rot, and it looks and feels like real stone. An added plus is that a step is built right in, just in case you ever have an emergency, so you can quickly and easily get out. On top of all that, the lid is a polycarbonate that can hold up to 500lbs. This means nobody will fall into the well or break through the lid. 

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