From Damaged to Dry: Total Basement Finishing in Dover, DE

From Damaged to Dry: Total Basement Finishing in Dover, DE - Image 1


It's no surprise to anyone that bad weather happens. But it's another for it to flood your whole basement, filled with your favorite jazz CD collection and your beloved books. Hector loved his basement. It was his "man cave" and sometimes the playroom for his grandchildren. After a long day working helping others in his local community, it was the place he went to relax listening to his tunes, reading books, and sometimes completing some office work. Everything quickly changed when a hurricane hit Delmarva, bringing several tornadoes with it. 

Hector and his family lost power in their home, which meant their sump pump wouldn't be running until the electricity went back on. When he investigated, he found the whole basement flooded completely, ruining the base of the drywall, carpet, and some of his beloved collections. So he did what everyone does; he started looking online to see who he can call for a permanent fix and found DryZone. When he set up his free estimate, our System Design Specialist came out to evaluate what had happened and what was needed to fix the problem.

To start this project, we installed a TripleSafe sump pump with a discharge line and battery backup for unexpected power outages. The sump pump was a big priority as another storm was quickly approaching. After that, we then installed our EverLast waterproof wall system paired with our ThermalDry flooring, which is inorganic, which means it won't get moldy or rust if water comes back into the basement. After installation, Hector was ecstatic that not only did he find a permanent fix for his basement, but it looked great too!