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DryZone, LLC Before & After Photos

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Lifting a Sinking Stoop in Gwynn Oak, MD

Construction work in the surrounding areas can move soil underneath concrete slabs. Due to construction in the area, this homeowner noticed a fast rate of sinking on their concrete stoop. With PolyLevel, DryZone lifted and leveled the stoop back to the original height and sealed the surrounding cracks. 

Concrete Lift, Level and Seal in Millersville, MD

This homeowner called us to help lift, level and seal their driveway and walkway in Millersville, MD. They were looking forward to repairing and not replacing their concrete slabs, thanks to us!

What a transformation!

Lifting Steps in Millersville, MD

After time, this homeowner realized that first step from the front door was a little too much of a step! With help from DryZone, we were able to lift the steps to their original height, making it safer and much more comfortable entering or exiting the home.

Power Braces for Support in Crownsville, MD

This family in Crownsville. MD was in need of some support in their basement ASAP! With the help of our PowerBrace system, we were able to stabilize the wall that was failing. 

The PowerBrace system is designed to permanently stabilize your home's foundation with Zinc-plated steel beams custom fit to the wall height and secured tightly against it. PowerBrace's unique, patented design allows the system to be tightened over time, stopping wall failure without any invasive drilling or digging.

Stairs Go From Hazardous to Heavenly in Glen Burnie, MD

Sinking stairs can become a BIG problem. In this case of ths homeowner in Glen Burnie, MD entry to the home had become perilous due to the 10 inch drop from the top of the porch to the first stair. That made the home a danger to people entering and exiting. Rather than remove the stairs and start over again, these homeowners contact DryZone. Our concrete lifting team arrived on the scene and made short work of creating a safe entryway by utilizing PolyLevel. PolyLevel was injected below the staris so they could be lifted and restored tot he original position, once more poviing safe entry to the home.