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Driveway Repair in Bowie, MD

This homeowner gave us a call to finally get their driveway repaired with our NexusPro joint and crack sealant. What a difference in one day!

Upgrading a Driveway in Bowie, MD

This homeowner wanted to protect their driveway before any cold front or flurries. With our NexusPro joint sealant, we were able to seal in between all of their concrete slabs to protect its integrity and also keep water out! 

NexusPro Joint Sealing in Catonsville, MD

This homeowner in Catonsville, MD had the right idea by calling DryZone instead of trying to seal their cracks themselves! NexusPro joint sealant is silicone based and naturally expands or contracts with concrete during temperature changes. It also prevents water infiltration and minimizes the soil softening and erosion that water causes when it gets beneath the slab.



Stamped Concrete Pool Deck Raised in Waldorf, MD

This homeowner had invested a great deal into their outdoor entertainment area. A beautiful pool and outdoor kitchen framed by the detailed stamped concrete deck.  You can imagine how disheartening it was for them when the pool deck started to sink at a precarious angle leading away from the pool. Thankfully, PolyLevel utilized by the professionals at DryZone saved this homeowner's outdoor entertaining and preserved the original stamped concrete detailing.

A Sinking Driveway is Lifted and Made Safe Again by DryZone in Waldorf, MD

Slab concrete often sinks when the earth beneath the slab settles. This can cause cracking and trip issues as it does not settle evenly. The traditional solution to this is to pour a new slab, but this is messy, expensive and time consuming. DryZone can easily lift concrete in the span of just a few hours. Here you can see a slab driveway that was raised and drive-able in the span of a day.