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Leaky Wall Permanently Fixed in Glen Burnie, MD

Cracks in your basement can cause problems in your home. Sometimes these are structural problems, sometimes they are more nuisance problems. This was the case with this crack. While it was not impacting the structural integrity of the home, this crack would seep moisture in to the basement. The homeowners had made efforts to repair it through the years, but the water continued to seep through. They will have this priblem no more due to the permanent fix provided by Flexispan. This solution remains flexible and provides a barrier against water seepage for years to come. How do you know whether the crack in your wall is impacting the structural integrity of your home? Call the experts at DryZone for a free inspection and you will KNOW if the crack in your home is causing problems and how those problems can be solved.

Adding SmartJack Support System to Glen Burnie, MD Home

A homeowner in Glen Burnie was experiencing a sagging floor, so we brought in our team to lift the foundation by installing a SmartJack support system to stabilize their floor joists and beams.

Repairing a Leaky Basement in Baltimore, MD

Ever since this homeowner moved into their home in 2018, they had issues with their basement leaking. They finally decided to call DryZone to see how they can make their basement better and more usable! With a new TripleSafe sump pump, our CleanSpace wall system and our WaterGuard drainage system, this basement looks brighter, is drier and can finally be used to store precious items for this family.

Keeping It Dry in Edgewater, MD

This homeowner in Edgewater, MD called DryZone to finally protect their investment! With the possibilities of water damage and mold, this homeowner called us to fully encapsulate their crawlspace with CleanSpace, install a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier and install a TripleSafe sump pump for good measure. 

Void Fill Beneath Air Conditioning Unit in Pasadena, MD

When the earth erodes and settles beneath vital concrete slabs, like the one upon which this air conditioner was placed in Pasadena, MD it can leave homeowners frustrated. One quick and effective way to handle this void situation is by filling it with PolyLevel like the members of DryZone concrete did for this homeowner.