Testimonials for DryZone, LLC

Bill and Kenny were great.  They were both very customer friendly. Your company should be proud of your employees, outstanding.
Marsha & Tom D. of Vienna, MD
Monday, November 19th
One installer was very informative in explaining the Turtl and ideas about aluminum edging and decorative stones around the Turtl. Very professional and courteous.
Michael M. of Bluestone Court, Camden, Wyoming, DE
Wednesday, June 7th
I was referred by a former customer of yours. Yvelt Pierre did a great job of reviewing the installation, both during and after. He made sure any questions I had was answered. Mr. Pierre should receive your now Service Award.
John C. of Camden Wyoming, DE
Wednesday, June 7th
Steve Clendaniel gets a 10 out of 10! He has been here before for annual service, he always takes his time to explain everything to me and shows me pictures. He is very polite and professional. I speak highly of DryZone to people I meet all the time. My pumps have worked great through all of this snow and rain.
Kathleen T. of Camden-Wyoming, DE
Thursday, February 27th
Derek's suggestions were great, combining the crawlspace and the basement with the dehumidifier (duct kit) will work and saves me money. Your bid wasn't the lowest, but then I realized I'd get much more out of it. No one else suggested a dehumidifier to dry out the air and keep mold away. I'm really looking forward to getting rid of my mold and allergies.
Paul L. of Felton, DE
Tuesday, March 12th
You were genuinely interested in helping me. There was such professionalism during my consultation with Derek. Your office staff was extremely courteous to me, especially Heather and Rob. Dale and Carlos were very polite, even kitty liked the crew. They left everything spotless, thank you!!
Paul L. of Felton, DE
Thursday, April 4th
I chose DryZone mostly because of innovation. I saw some ideas in advertisements for drying basements, and I called for an info packet. I read it fully and saw the well thought out products. Rob in the office was quite helpful. The crew showed up before the expected time, that was nice. Mario and Juan were very polite.
Oz A. of Felton, DE
Thursday, August 1st
 Mario and the crew were respectful, careful, and courteous ! 
Robert H. of Felton, DE
Tuesday, May 26th
Robert H. had nothing but great things to say about Mario and the crew ! 
Robert H. of Felton, DE
Tuesday, May 26th
Materials are top quality and you can't find them at any of your local stores.The staff was professional and friendly!
Belle D. of Townsend, DE
The office staff was courteous and helpful. The crew arrived on time and the cleanup was more than satisfactory.
Thomas M. of South Dupont Hwy Harrington, DE
Wednesday, June 7th
Holy was very prompt and explained everything that was happening. He was very courteous and knowledgeable.
Tom A. of Harrington, DE
Tuesday, October 22nd
Sales representative was very thorough & knowledgeable. The office staff was always available to answer any questions. The sales rep was courteous, and not pretentious as the other company we had out. The crew was hard working.
Thomas & Roxanne H. of Middletown, DE
Wednesday, June 7th
DryZone is very professional. (Having dealt with DryZone before), "Why try someone else when you have found a good one?" Johnny Scarborough stands out  in the industry.
Angelo S. of Middletown, DE
Tuesday, July 25th
We’ve had a lot of workers over the years here. The two young gentlemen Elder and Wesley showed up and I've got to tell you they were two of the most impressive workers with the nicest personalities. They knew what they were doing, went the extra mile and were just so careful about everything they did. I couldn’t have been more impressed. These guys were wonderful and they weren’t just in the moment and they really do your company well as your first impression. 
Chris P. of Middletown, DE
Tuesday, September 22nd
Total testimonials : 448