Crawl Space Repair Customer Testimonial from Jackie H. in Hockessin, DE


Jackie H.'s home in Hockessin, DE had a comfort problem which was caused by a vented and uninsulated crawl space. During the winter, the powder room and the mud room right above it was extremely cold, because freezing outside air was getting into these areas, straight from the crawl space vents.

Her neighbor, who is also a builder, advised her to call DryZone LLC. Since he is a knowledgeable person and recommended the company, she didn't even think about contacting anyone else.

In this video she talks about her experience with the company and how satisfied she is with the results. Not only his whole house is now much warmer and healthier, but the crawl space that was once humid and nasty, is now dry and clean.

"With the product around the walls and the product on the floor, it just looks beautiful down there. You can almost go down there and have dinner in the crawl space now!", says Jackie. "They did a fantastic job!"

- Jackie H. of Hockessin, DE
Wednesday, September 7th