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Commercial Foundation Repair Technical Information

Supportworks' foundation repair products, installed by DryZone, LLC, are designed by licensed professional structural and geotechnical engineers (PE) and contractors on staff at FSI.

The products are designed in accordance with traditional, accepted AISC methods. Our systems are also tested at independent laboratories and, if required, at independent laboratories accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) to perform product-specific testing.

Commercial Foundation Support Nebraska

Helical Pile System

The Supportworks' Helical Pile System is an extremely versatile new construction deep foundation alternative, used within grade beams supporting heavy commercial and industrial columns and wall loads.

Helical piles can also permanently stabilize sinking or settling foundations. The piles are mechanically screwed into the ground and L-shaped steel foundation brackets are connected to the tops.

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Cracked foundation wall repair Nebraska

Helical Anchor/Tiebacks

Supportworks' Helical Anchors (also referred to as tiebacks) provide lateral stability to foundation walls and retaining walls with unbalanced earth pressures.

Helical anchors can be installed with hand-held equipment, mini-excavators, skid steers, backhoes, trackhoes, or crane-supported rigs so the anchors can be installed in almost any application.

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Stabilize foundation Nebraska

Push Pier System

Supportworks' Push Pier System uses rugged steel pier sections, driven deep into the earth's soil, to transfer the weight of a structure onto competent, load-bearing strata or bedrock.

Not only does this foundation piling permanently stabilize the structure's foundation, it also provides the best opportunity to lift the structure back to its original, level position.

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Crawl space support Nebraska

SmartJacks — Crawl Space Jacks

The Supportworks' SmartJack® rests on a solid concrete base which is placed on engineered fill. An adjustable, heavy-duty steel column is secured to both the concrete base and to the bottom of the beam or joists above.

The unique adjustment ability of the SmartJack® allows it to support the load above. In many cases it can lift the floors and walls back to level, restoring integrity to a living area.

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