Crawl Space Mold and Moisture Control | Crawl Space Encapsulation in MD ad DE


In Delaware and Maryland, a combination of poor drainage, ground water evaporation, and excessive moisture from the ventilation shafts, can quickly transform your crawl space into the perfect breeding ground for mold, pests and dry rot.

These problems can compromise your family's health, the value of your property, and your home's structural integrity.

Dry Zone LLC has been professionally fixing moldy, rotten crawl spaces in MD and DE since 2006. They are the area's certified CleanSpace, Crawl Space Encapsulation System dealer.

The CleanSpace system was the first, and to date, the most advanced crawl space moisture control system, designed and developed by Basement Systems - pioneers of the crawl space encapsulation system. With over 20 years of experience in developing basement and crawl space solutions, Basement Systems is the industry leading company in crawl space encapsulation systems and waterproofing.

The CleanSpace System will turn that moldy, damp crawl space into a clean, safe, and functional environment. The finished product will improve indoor air quality and make your home an average of 18% more energy efficient - helping you save a lot of money in heating and cooling bills!

Call Dry Zone today for a free, in-home estimate! We serve Wilmington, Dover, Salisbury, Ocean City and surrounding areas!