Crappy Contractors: Need Not Apply

Thursday, September 13th, 2012 by Bill Anderson

When you choose a contractor to fix your crawlspace, there are several things you need to understand. First is the product that the contractor will use. You will discover that all crawlspace products are not the same. The material that a crawlspace contractor will use can range from very cheap to very expensive.  DryZone Delmarva’s crawlspace expert uses CleanSpace. CleanSpace is the best crawlspace vapor barrier on the market. We also use the SaniDry CX, which is the most advance crawlspace dehumidifier on the market today.

The photos below show a recent inspection that we did for a homeowner. The crawlspace was previously done by a company that have since been sued and are out of business. This awful work was no exception. The plastic was ran all the way up to the sill plate. By doing this, termites can go all of the way into the home undetected.  The seams in the vapor barrier were not sealed, allowing water from underneath to enter into the crawlspace.  The dehumidifier was a box store type that cost a few hundred dollars. The machine ran all the time and the crawlspace humidity was well over 70%--conditions that cause mold to easily grow.

 Crappy Contractors Need Not Apply - Image 1

Crappy Contractors Need Not Apply - Image 2

Do not be fooled by cheap prices or contractors that claim to be experts. Let DryZone inspect your crawlspace.  DryZone covers all of Delmarva including Magnolia, DE- Eden, MD- Eason, MD and Harrington, DE