DryZone Hosts Celebration of the 200th Show of

It was a pleasure to celebrate with Jim Weller and Catch It Live Studios the 200th eposode of "Weller Does Delmarva". The show broadcasts each Saturday on Delaware 105.9, MyCoziTv and on Facebook Live. 

The celebration included a Prize Wheel which audience members got to spin to receive prizes. Several guests were on hand, including members of the local police and fire departments. Local businessmen participated in a pancake eating contest. Audience members were served cake.

Some highlights of the event for Team DryZone was Grace singing and Heather annoucning the winners of the crawl space encapsulation contest. The winner was chosen by members of the live studio audience by voting for numbers. The numbers correlated with sealed envelops and that was how the winner was selected. 

We were also pleased to host a community fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.

We are excited to have been able to be part of this amazing celebration.


The Celebration of the 200th Show of

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