Crawl Space Repair - Crawl Space Encapsulation Should Be a Priority

Crawl spaces are an extremely important area of the house to have properly sealed and waterproofed. Many of these crawl spaces often have a dirt floor, which allows for water to seep in under the home. Without proper encapsulation, problems like mildew, mold, wood rot, and household pests can all affect the quality of your home’s air.

DryZone LLC is proud to offer the patented CleanSpace Vapor Barrier system, which effectively seals your crawl space from harmful water seepage, humidity, and pests, preventing the many health troubles these issues can cause. The SaniDry dehumidifier is another product used in concert with the CleanSpace system, which will effectively remove humidity and contaminants from the air in your crawl space. Air flow from the crawl space circulates upward into the house, and identifying any risks is crucial. These two systems are the perfect solution to crawl space encapsulation and air quality.