Basement Waterproofing: WaterGuard vs. Generic Drain Tile

In this video Bill explains what makes the WaterGuard System offered by DryZone LLC different from the typical drain tile used to waterproof existing homes.

The typical basement waterproofing contractor uses generic, hardware store-bought perforated PVC pipe. They jackhammer a large chunk of the basement floor (up to a 2’ft. in some cases), to bury the pipes in the dirt next to the foundation footing. They lay cloth and layers of gravel before putting down the pipe and then covering with more gravel and concrete.

The WaterGuard System, on the other hand was specifically designed to sit on top of the foundation footing,  out of the mud zone and in the best possible place to intercept and collect water at its most common entry spot: the joint between the basement walls and floors.

“Our product stays out of the mud because I feel that what you stick in the mud, is going to get filled up with mud.”