Hydrostatic Pressure and Wet Basements

In this episode Bill explain Hydrostatic Pressure and how it affects your basement.

When the water table rises around your foundation, hydrostatic pressure increases, forcing the water to instinctively seek the path of least resistance into your basement, often times through the gap between the basement wall and floor. Identifying this issue early on and taking the steps to prevent it can save you from the headache and money being wasted.

DryZone LLC has several patented and award-winning products to help avoid the problems caused by rising hydrostatic pressure and water seepage. DryZone will accurately determine the proper system, whether it be the DryTrak system for monolithic foundations or the WaterGuard Perimeter Drainage Channel system, to efficiently remove any water leakage into the basement. DryZone LLC will also precisely decide the right sump pump system for your needs, such as the SuperSump or TripleSafe Sump Pump system, which features an array of safety features to make sure your pump never fails.