Customer Testimonial from Gloria B. in Ocean City, MD

Advertising let us know of your company and was presented in a manner that convinced us the company was professional and that we should have the space beneath our home encapsulated to prevent damage to our infrastructure. Steve is very knowledgeable and personable. He always explains everything carefully and completely so we are sure we understand everything.

Excellent group of men--very organized, prompt, efficient, careful, considerate. The crew leader knew what was to be done and answered any additional questions; the crew worked diligently and were a good team. The crew ensured that everything was back as it was after installation and carefully gathered up all debris.

You are perfect! Dry Zone has excellent staff and crew. They are apparently well trained and experienced. The company must be good to work for, because everyone we have been in contact with seems happy to work for Dry Zone and know everything that needs to be done, how it will be done--and illustrates that to customers with pictures. If the office gives us a date, they may even call back with a sooner one to see if it is convenient. If the office says the sales rep or crew will be here at 9:00, they are here at 9:00, we don't get a "window"and have to wait all day for them. We like your maintenance service--very thorough, and afterward, Steve explains all he found, what he did, and provides pictures. He takes his time, and we know he is being thorough. Excellent :)

- Gloria B. of Ocean City, MD
Saturday, October 31st