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DryZone LLC hosts 'Lunch & Learn' with local Architectural Firm, French and Ryan

Jason Harman, Bill Anderson, and Sam Wilson went to a lunch and learn to discuss some of their products with a architectural firm known as French and Ryan.

On September 5, 2012 DryZone’s Owner Bill Anderson, Sales Representative Jason Harman, and Marketing Coordinator Sam Wilson went to a “Lunch and Learn” with French & Ryan Incorporated.

During this “Lunch and Learn”, Jason Harmon discussed all of what DryZone can do and introduced to the Architects some of the features of the equipment and products that DryZone has available.
Jason discussed Smart Jacks, Geo-Lock Wall Anchors and many other superior structural repair products.

DryZone LLC hosts 'Lunch & Learn' with local Architectural Firm, French and Ryan - Image 1

Harmon also shared a case study of a project in in Salisbury, Maryland. The homeowner's house was sitting on filled soil -  soil that is too loose and can not hold the weight at the back half of the house. DryZone came in and placed wall anchor’s around the man’s home to restore it to level. DryZone’s production crew had to dig about 12 feet away from the home. The anchor shaft was placed at that distance so that they were tied into hard soil. First they placed the “Earth anchors” into the ground by digging a hole about 3-5 feet deep. Then, they placed the anchor in the hold and attached the shaft which was sticking out 12 feet from the basement walls. On the interior of the house, the anchor was secured using a wall anchor brace and cover.  With access to this anchor, the wall is effectively 'tied-into' the harder more stable soil surrounding the home. This ensures that the wall is structurally stabilized and creates a more level living space above.

Another project that DryZone completed was out in Lewes, Delaware. A couple's home was uneven and caving in on them. DryZone came out and placed Smart Jacks underneath the floors in the crawlspace of their home and began raising the house up to where it was even. With a level floor, the couple was finally able to open their windows and close their doors.

Throughout the Delmarva peninsula, DryZone LLC is dedicated to helping homeowners, business owners and other local services understand the variety of products and services they have to offer.  With 'Lunch & Learn' seminars and meetings, they can explain their expertise to other service professionals in the Delmarva area.  DryZone enjoys the opportunity to connect with other home service companies and will undoutedbly conduct more seminars to help build community awareness and outreach.  They enjoyed the meeting at French and Ryan, and appreciate the warm hospitality received!