Crawl Space Doors: Which One Is Best?

Friday, February 21st, 2014 by Brad Wazlavek

Plain sheet metal doorAre you familiar with the old sheet metal crawl space doors? Sure they look nice when they're new, but how long does that last? When you are thinking of repairing your crawl space you have to lay out a set of goals. Are you trying to accomplish keeping the crawl space dry and healthy? Are you interested in energy savings and mold prevention? These are just a few of the many reasons people encapsulate and repair their dirty old crawl spaces. The biggest problem with the old metal doors is that they help with none of these concerns. They are not airtight or watertight, and they can easily warp and rust so that they don’t fit into the frame properly. So if these doors aren’t good, what should you use as an entry to your crawl space? DryZone has a couple of options.


EverLast door

1.  EverLast Crawl Space Door

The EverLast is a custom made door that fits snuggly into your brand new door frame. Basically, the crew will remover the old metal door and frame, then build a new frame that fits perfect to your house. Everything is measured and cut onsite so that each door will be a custom fit. The door material is a heavy duty plastic-type material so it will never rust or warp. It is held in place by several large bolts. These bolts have a wingnut style look to them and have plastic coated handles. The entire construction makes the EverLast door airtight and secure. There is easy enough access in case you need to get into the crawl space for electrical or plumbing concerns. All in all this is a huge upgrade from the standard metal door.

2.  The Turtl

The TurtlOne of the biggest innovations to the crawl space industry comes in the form of the Turtl. This option for crawl space entry is air and watertight. It is affixed directly to your home’s foundation and sealed against ground water leaks. It is sturdy enough to stand on and even has a place for a padlock. The material is a high quality plastic which will never be damaged by rain and time. DryZone has installed more Turtl entry systems than any other Basement Systems dealer. If you want something functional and even good looking, the Turtl is for you.


These are the two options that DryZone uses. There are no good reasons to keep that old metal door. They are simply the cheapest option, which is why they are on so many homes. When was the last time that something cheap turned out to be the best value? Call today and see how DryZone can help you with all of your crawl space needs.


DryZone serves the entire Delmarva Peninsula. We have serviced homes in Oxford, Easton, Pittsville, Salisbury, and many other towns across the shore.



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