Is your crawl space humid?

Monday, April 22nd, 2013 by Laura Bailey

To get rid of unwanted moisture in your crawl space, humidity levels under your home need to be controlled. DryZone has the expertise and experience to solve this common problem of unwanted crawl space moisture.  They have access to award-winning products that are designed specifically to address this moisture issue. 

There are many factors that can lead to rising humidity in a crawl space.  The biggest factor is simply an uncovered dirt floor which allows for intrusion of ground water. This is why homeowners might notice standing water in a crawl space, especially after a heavy rain. This pool of water can sit stagnant and evaporate into the air causing increased humidity conditions in the crawl space.

Another factor leading to high humidity levels are the air vents typically installed to let air flow into a crawl space.  In old building standards, it was considered imperative to allow air to flow through a crawl space, to keep the space ‘aired out’.  But the experts at DryZone understand that this air flow actually contributes to higher moisture levels by bringing in moist humid air in the summer, and wet, damp air in the winter.  When this higher ‘wet’ air enters the crawl space it will make contact with ducts, floor joists, and crawl space walls, and contribute to the moist conditions.  This moisture in turn will encourage pests, mold, fungi, dust mites and other allergens.  This not only contributes to unhealthy air that rises throughout the home, but can create conditions where organic materials, such as wood floor joists, are damaged by mold growth.
During the wet, humid Summer months and the early Spring months, homeowners will typically start to notice damp, musty smells.  They might also notice an insect infestation in their home. An increase in allergy symptoms might also be an indication of thriving mold growth in a crawl space.  All of these signs mean it is time for a homeowner to take action.  The spring time is a great time to get started.

Where some homeowners might believe an air conditioning contractor can help the situation, in fact the moist conditions can be better controlled by a more complete waterproofing system.  The system offered by DryZone will involve a superior moisture barrier called the CleanSpace vapor barrier, that is installed on the dirt floor and walls of a crawl space; a drainage system (if necessary) that diverts any standing water into a superior-grade sump pump; and a powerful dehumidifier designed specifically to fit into a crawl space.

The durable, bright white crawl space liner will protect your structure and other organic materials from mold and rot.  Pest and rodents are deterred by the plastic vapor barrier and the sealed floor will eliminate odors and allergenic mold sports from rising up through the dirt floor.

The expert team at DryZone is prepared to come review the best solutions for your crawl space. Call them today to schedule a no-obligation, professional consultation and inspection. DryZone services the entire Delmarva Peninsula, including Easton, Cambridge, Salisbury, Berlin, Ocean City, and Snow Hill.  We look forward to helping you solve your crawl space moisture problems!

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