GeoLock Wall Anchors: the most effective solution to fix a broken basement wall

Thursday, March 7th, 2013 by Brad Wazlavek

  What makes the GeoLock Wall Anchor system so effective? As you may or may not know there are several ways to support a broken basement wall. Some ways are more effective than others.

GeoLock Wall Anchors vs. another method

  A few years ago, DryZone won an award for innovation from the Delaware Contractors Association for our GeoLock Wall Anchor system. Until recently, most basement wall repairs were more or a “catch it if it caves in” type of solution.

However, at DryZone LLC, we believe that the GeoLock Wall Anchors from Foundation Supportworks, Inc. are the best and most effective way to brace, and sometimes even straighten, a bowing and cracked basement wall.

What makes them a popular choice amongst homeowners is the ease of installation Tightening a GeoLock Wall Anchorwhen compared to a more invasive system. Some homeowners will tell our inspectors that they have another bid to strengthen the wall. That bid includes cracking open the block wall and pouring in concrete to fill the hollow cavities. The other contractors will also insert steel rods to “strengthen” the wall. If you really break down this method, you will understand that it does nothing to regain the basement wall’s normal strength. All it really does is add weight and thickness to the wall.

However, a wall anchor system, like the one that DryZone uses, requires no destruction of the wall and is designed around the idea of never letting the wall cave in the first place. This cuts down on the labor costs and doesn’t add unnecessary stress to the already broken wall.

Some other concerns we hear include: 'What if the wall was almost at the point of collapse and the contractor starts to vibrate on it with a jackhammer to pour his concrete inside? Will the wall fall in?'  It is very possible. But, the GeoLock Wall Anchor only uses a small drilled hole to attach the two heavy steel plates. This process is far less destructive. Once the hole is drilled and the outside “Earth Anchor” plate is placed in the ground, all that is left is to push the long steel rod out through the drilled hole. The inside wall plate is added and the entire unit is tightened. The tightening process is what sets the GeoLock Wall Anchor system apart from other basement wall crack repairs. Often times we can regain some of the wall’s original strength.

To sum up…

  GeoLock Wall Anchors are less costly, less invasive, less damaging, less messy, and they can even be adjusted over time if they need to be. This wall anchor system is the only foundation repair option that allows for easy adjustment on a failing basement wall. To top it all off, DryZone’s warranty program is second to none. Rest assured that when you get DryZone to fix your broken and bowing basement walls, they are fixed for good.

DryZone will fix your broken foundation no matter where you live on Delmarva. We have helped many homeowners in Hockessin, Odessa, Claymont, Marydel, Dover, Smyrna, Ocean City, Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, and in many towns nearby. Call or contact us today!



About the author

Brad Wazlavek, Sales Manager

Brad has been with DryZone since early 2011. Currently he manages both of DryZone's websites in order to spread the DryZone message. Brad grew up in a military family so he moved around the country as a child. He settled in Delaware in 2006 and currently lives in Seaford.