Building codes are very important, make sure that your contractor understands them and follows them.

Monday, February 11th, 2013 by Brad Wazlavek

  Just how important are building codes? Which projects require a permit? These are valid questions, things that a licensed and professional contractor should be able to answer.

Protecting the homeowner…

  Most building codes make perfect sense, and are created to ensure that each home is held to the same standards to protect the owners. For instance, when finishing a basement you will need to have a smoke detector. No one wants to be caught off guard in the basement if there is a fire. On the flip side of this are building and remodeling codes that are sort of hard to follow. These are more of the technical aspects of building and home improvement. A lot of these more technical codes have to do with insulation value, spacing of studs in walls, electrical outlets required, and things that the average homeowner doesn’t really need to worry about. The important thing to remember is that they ALL need to be followed. Its like obeying the traffic laws, they are put in place for the best interest of the public. Just think about if you buy a house and the builder didn’t follow the proper codes, you would be in for a big surprise if you tried to sell it later.

Obtaining a permit…

Permit ApprovedIn some cases a permit is needed for both the county and the municipality or township. DryZone has done several projects in which simply getting approval from the county wasn’t good enough. We also contacted the city planning office to obtain a more localized permit. So if you live within the city limits of places like Rehoboth Beach, Smyrna, Middletown, Dewey Beach, Wilmington, or any other the others on the peninsula, you will most likely need a local permit. What does all this mean to you, the homeowner? None of it really matters to you, so long as you choose the right contractor. DryZone obtains all of the necessary permits for any project before we start. Most of the time it isn’t even that hard, its all about knowing what paperwork is needed and getting it to the correct office.

Hiring the right company…

If the company you hire to repair your wet and musty crawlspace doesn’t understand the codes and doesn’t get a permit, you might end up getting a violation and have to pay more than expected just to bring the project “up to code” and get it back on schedule. Think about what could happen if they are told tInspecting a homeo stop work before the sump pump is installed in your basement or crawlspace. When an order is given to stop, they have to walk away immediately until the proper permits are issues. No sump pump means your house could flood in the time it takes to get that permit. With DryZone behind the helm, you won’t have to worry about any of that.



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