DryZone takes pride in each and every installation

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 by Brad Wazlavek

One of the things that separates DryZone from other foundation companies is that we own our equipment. We install so many push piers, egress windows, and helical piers that it doesn’t make sense to rent an excavator. When a homeowner has foundation problems and needs to choose a contractor, they look for one quality above all else and that is experience.

DryZone takes pride in each and every installation - Image 1

DryZone is the leader for foundation repairs anywhere on the Delmarva Peninsula. When a pro athlete is off the field, you will probably see them wearing their team logo, why is that? The answer is pride in what they do and who they are. For this same reason, DryZone decided years ago to wrap our excavator in our logo. When we are driving down the street to a job site, we want the passersby to notice us and more importantly to remember us.

Our excavator is very versatile, too. We can not only dig up the area around a home that needs to be fixed, but also switch out the digging bucket and attach a drive head to install helical piers. Think of a massive power screw driver! This function allows us to bring less equipment to the site and to install piers at a much more cost effective rate. By doing this, we can pass the savings on to our customers.

We look forward to serving each and every homeowner on the Delmarva Peninsula that has a need for our foundation repair services.

DryZone serves the entire Delmarva Peninsula including Ocean City, Cambridge, St. Michaels, and Denton.

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Brad Wazlavek, Sales Manager

Brad has been with DryZone since early 2011. Currently he manages both of DryZone's websites in order to spread the DryZone message. Brad grew up in a military family so he moved around the country as a child. He settled in Delaware in 2006 and currently lives in Seaford.