Rusty, Wet Crawlspace Calls for DryZone Waterproofing and Repair

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 by Sam Wilson

Following a flood that damaged much of Seaford, DE, a couple of homeowners found themselves left with a crawlspace destroyed by the water. The brace that was hold

ing up the insulation, and preventing both joists from flexing, became wet. After drying, the brace began to rust, and in most parts of the crawlspace the insulation began falling. When the braces had gotten wet, so did the insulation and the wooden beams, which had then began to give off a heavy smell of must.

Rusty, Wet Crawlspace Calls for DryZone Waterproofing and Repair

After inspecting the damanges, we cleaned out the crawlspace; replaced the old, musty insulation with new SilverGlo insulation; replaced the braces; and then installed a sump pump, placed a CleanSpace liner along the ground and walls to prevent water from getting into the crawlspace, and also installed a dehumidifier to keep the crawlspace dry.

If your crawlspace is in need of repair after some recent flooding, or if you would like help figuring out which of DryZone's state-of-the-art products will help keep your crawlspace dry, contact us to today for a free quote for crawlspace repair from DryZone around Dover, Salisbury, Berlin, Rehoboth Beach, Delmarva, and throughout Delaware and Maryland.

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