16 Years of Helping Homeowners!

16 Years of Helping Homeowners! - Image 1

When it comes to being a small business, the test of time is an indicator of success. After five years, 48% of small businesses cease to exist. At 10 years, that percentage almost doubles. According to the business financial company Nav, the average lifespan of a small business is roughly 8 years. In February of 2022, DryZone effectively doubled that life span and celebrated 16 years of success.

In 2006, DryZone was just starting out encapsulating crawl spaces. Since then, DryZone has grown into the largest waterproofing company in Delmarva! This of course came with some challenges and necessary changes. Over the years DryZone has improved its methods for training, installation, and product line. They ensure each crew member receives thorough training and has the tools available to review and retrain themselves throughout their employment. And with the install process being improved, even the Basement Systems network calls to ask Bill for advice! DryZone makes sure to use the best products as well as build and empower experts to continue their growth and make a world where extraordinary is the expectation. 

In the past few years, DryZone has started a second business called Hello Garage, specializing in garage floor coatings and storage. This company has been growing rapidly alongside DryZone and both companies have shown a lot of progress together. They always say they are two companies with the same goal, helping homeowners improve their homes and protect their investment. 

Both Bill and Heather Anderson are very excited to see how far this company has come and how much farther it can go. Heather has already started planning a big celebration for when DryZone reaches the 20-year milestone in 4 short years!