WaterGuard : A Drainage System That Works

Even in basements that are already finished, it's still much easier to waterproof from the inside than the outside.

The advantages of an interior drainage system include:

- Installation without digging a massive trench in your yard

- Installation within a few days

- It is easily serviceable year-round


WaterGuard is engineered specifically to be an efficient, long-lasting interior perimeter basement waterproofing system. The big difference is that the WaterGuard sits on top of the footing, instead of alongside it. This keeps the wet dirt (or mud) from getting into the drain because the drain does not sit in the mud.


- Is designed not to clog

- Does not rely on filter fabric

- Has a big drain outlet to the sump

- Will not cause structural damage to the foundation

- Has a built-in 3/4 inch gap between the floor and the wall to drain wall leaks


So when you have a leaky basement, call us to see if you need WaterGuard installed! 



This picture shows the WaterGuard in place before the concrete is poured over it.