Water under the home

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 by Bill Anderson

Water in your crawlspace is a major concern for homeowners on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, an Easton homeowner asked DryZone out to look at the problems that they were having.  John the Senior Designer for DryZone showed up on a Saturday morning.  He performed a free inspection of the crawlspace; many pictures were taken along with moisture readings of the air and wood.  When John emerged from that forgotten space below our feet, he had some good new and some not so good news to report.  You see the sump pump installed by a plumber a few weeks back was nothing more than a 5-gallon bucket with a cheap plastic pump in it, most of the water in the crawlspace was not even making it to the sump.

 Water under the home - Image 1

 John explained that the water needs a way to get to the sump pump most people refer to this type of system as a “French drain”, he also showed them many types of crawlspace drainage systems.  John likes to use the analogy “it’s like a gutter for your crawlspace” and DryZone has a drain, made specifically for this type of space.  Hydrolink™ will direct the water coming in from your foundation or the hydrostatic water coming into the crawlspace and send it right to the Smart Sump®. Along with our unique inspection ports, you will never have to worry about your new drains clogging

Water under the home - Image 2Water under the home - Image 3 

When this step of fixing the crawlspace is complete John showed the homeowners how to keep it dry with CleanSpace® the only real crawlspace vapor barrier on the market today.  DryZone offers all of our homeowners a 25 year nationally backed warranty, along with the comfort knowing Basement Systems the manufacture of CleanSpace® have certified the installing crew.  DryZone is the full dealer for all of Talbot County including Saint Michaels, Oxford, Trappe and Cordova