Rainy Days Don't Have to Get You Down

Thursday, January 24th, 2019 by Amy Brown

Rainy Days Don't Have to Get You Down

It’s a rainy day from Wilmington to Berlin, from Rehoboth Beach to Baltimore. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be blue! Here are some tips to bring a little sunlight into your life, even though it is raining outside!


  1. Grab and umbrella and jump in some puddles! Go ahead, have fun! They say you are only young once, but YOU get to choose when being young is over, so keep being young!

  2. Grab a blankie and a good book! Cuddle up with some warm story lines! Maybe a book about the desert or a great novel set at the beach! Kick back and let the rain drops be your excuse to escape.

  3. One word: Soup. A hot bowl of soup is perfect for a rainy day! Chicken noodle, chili, whatever you love most. Grab a bowl and dive in!

  4. Make sure your home is effectively protected from water! Just because it might be dry inside your home doesn’t mean that your home is protected. Water can be pressing on your home and can cause long term damage, this is called hydrostatic pressure. You can find out more about that here.

Alleviating hydrostatic pressure is very important, especially when you have had more than a few rainy days in a row. Go ahead and make that call to DryZone and let our experts inspect your home for free. Rainy days should be happy days, let us help you keep them that way!


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