How Much Difference Can You Make in One Year?

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 by Amy Brown

Congratulations on an amazing first year with DryZoneA year does not seem like a long time. 365 days. 12 months. 52 weeks. However you choose to look at it, the year can go quite quickly. Especially if you are in the midst of changing your life, learning a new career and building a family.


Yet within a year, that is exactly what these three gentlemen did. They changed their life, they changed their careers, one of these gentlemen even had a child in 2018. One other very important thing that they did in 2018 was help 372 homeowners protect their homes.


Yes, you read that right, 372. That is more homes protected by these three gentlemen in their first year at DryZone than there are days in the year. WOW! That is an amazing feat! How in the world can this be possible? Let’s explore the contributing factors.


  1. These men are all very hard workers, driven to help our homeowners. From morning to night (and sometimes through the night) Joe, Evan and Aaron are committed to working hard for their homeowners.

  2. The company works hard together. We know that we all help support one another making an impact when we all do our very best. This culture is ingrained the the fiber of who we are at DryZone.

  3. The vision of the DryZone. Hard work is great and all of that, but this was their FIRST year! How were they able to make such an impact in their first year? SImple, the vision of DryZone:  Build and empower experts. The emphasis that DryZone places on training and growing one another is extraordinary. Building and empowering experts at this level is exactly how three guys, in their first year on the job can impact 372 homes.


All we can say is WOW, what a great first year these three gentlemen have had! We can’t wait to see how much impact they will have for homeowners in 2019.


Do YOU want to make a change in your life? Do you want to make a change in your career? DO you want to be a part of impacting HUNDREDS of people? We are always looking for extraordinary people who aspire for more. Make the first step towards changing your life on our careers page.


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Amy Brown

Amy is an enthusiastic member of Team DryZone with a passion for sharing the success stories that our crews achieve every day with prospective homeowners.

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