Knowing is Half the Battle

Thursday, September 6th, 2018 by Amy Brown

At DryZone, we take education very seriously. From proper training for our crews to the personal development of all of our team members, education is emphasized  as the means for growth. So we are taking a little time on Read a Book Day to help you see how important we believe education is for all of our homeowners as they work alongside our inspectors to make the best decisions for their homes.


K - Keep in Contact

We keep in contact with our homeowners throughout every step of the process. Before they even meet their inspector, DryZone has had at least four points of communication with our homeowners. We care about our homeowners and making sure that they are comfortable with the appointment is important.


N - Next Level Training

You can be sure that your partner in home improvement is fully trained to help you make the best decisions for your home. From crawl space to basements to foundation repair, our inspectors have intensive training several times a year and are constantly growing and improving to best serve you and your home.


O - Online Information

You can learn SO much from our website, our YouTube and our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn) that you will know exactly what you can expect from the DryZone experience. You can meet your inspector and team members on the Meet the Team page and see Before and After photos of the work we have done. Don't see what you are wondering about? Please ask us! We can help!


W - We Send Information Beforehand

Once you schedule your appointment the team goes into action! We send you a packet of information about who DryZone is, but we also send you a book - that's right a BOOK - about what is going on in your home and how we can help you. 


Informed homeowners make wise choices. We have nothing to hide. We are the experts in the field of waterproofing, foundation repair and concrete lifting and we know that the more you know, the more you will know to turn to us for your home protection!

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Amy is an enthusiastic member of Team DryZone with a passion for sharing the success stories that our crews achieve every day with prospective homeowners.

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