Building a Basement Volume 1

We love helping homeowners dry out their basements and fix bowing basement walls. We love when homeowners reach out to us to help them with their sagging floor problems. On top of all of that, we love installing egress windows that provide safe exits from basements along with durable windows in basements.  For this homeowner, we get to do ALL of those things and MORE!  Another thing that we enjoy doing is finishing basements with durable, waterproof materials that will resist microbial growth.  We join this project, already underway (don't worry, we will take looks back at the other items in future installments). Today we take a look at our crews in the very beginning the basement finishing steps as they are joined by some of our partners from Contractor Nation's Total Basement Finishing division. Chris and Rob took a lot of time to demonstrate proper planning practices and ways to expedite work with our crews as we begin to install the ceiling and lay out chalk lines for the new walls which will create a comfortable, dependable living space for this very happy homeowner.


Chris works with Todd and Tony on the basement plans 

Here you can see Chris from Contractor Nation working closely with Todd, one of our foreman and Tony, our electrician to plan the efforts for the upcoming days.


Rob from Contractor Nation approves of our crews handiwork


Rob, a Total Basement Finishing installation expert from Contractor Nation is showing our crews some efficient methods for TBF installation.


This will be an amazing new space for the homeowners.


You can catch a glimpse at some of the work that has gotten us this far, from smart jacks to wall anchors. But the most exciting aspect of this picture is the transformation which awaits. Please keep checking the DryZone blogs for updates, a few looks back and more surprises in the days ahead!


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