Award Winning Team Members

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 by Amy Brown

Our company is filled with some of the best people in the area, but this year, three of them rose to the top. These three were identified and honored at the DryZone Christmas Party by winning several awards.


People's Choice Award

Todd Moran  was presented the People's Choice Award. The People's Choice Award is selected by team members through a company wide voting process. The team members select the person that they feel made the most impact on homeowners and company members throughout the year. This year's recipient, Todd is a more than worthy recipient. Todd is a leader among the foreman and brings a positive attitude and attention to detail to every project that he is involved in - from foundation repair to basement finishing.


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Employee of the Year


Barry Adkins was awarded the Employee of the Year. The Employee of the Year is selected by Bill and Heather Anderson, the owners of DryZone. Barry always goes above and beyond and fills in with skill and expertise in many areas of the company. He exudes positivity which is felt by his team members, our homeowners and the community at large. Barry is often heard saying, "Thank you, my friend" and Barry is just that, the very truest friend of the company.


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Circle of Honor


Derek McCarra enters the Circle of Honor along with Mario Camacho. The Circle of Honor is for company members who push the very limits of their field, be it installation or design specialists to help an incredible amount of homeowners in a year. This is an exceptional honor. Derek has made a great number of personal strides to improve his ability to help homeowners. He embraced the belief that more is possible and he challenged himself to the greater heights than any other System Design Specialist has achieved in the history of our company. 

Members of the Circle of Honor

These members of Team DryZone all noted in their acceptance speeches that none of what they do would have been possible without the other members of Team DryZone.  Working together we can achieve more for the homeowners in Delaware and Maryland. Congratulations to all three of these winners and thank you for leading our team with purpose and positivity!


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