Listening to Homeowners Matters

Life can be very challenging. From getting kids from one place to another to making ends meet, there is a lot to worry about. Let us help make sure that your wet basement is not one of those things. We can help prevent flooding in your home and protect your investment while giving you peace of mind.  This homeowner said it best in a letter that she wrote to us following an incident with prolonged power outage.

"Thank you for helping a very stressed customer calling you regarding a back-up sump pump after the electric went out after hours on Monday, June 19th. The technician, Harry, was very helpful explaining, in a very easy to understand way, how the back-up sump pump system works, what the lights indicate and, what constitutes a call to "DryZone" re a potential problem with the system. After a past experience of a terrible flood in the basement when the main sump failed because the electric went off, I very much appreciate your company for providing a reliable, no work, no stress back-up sump pump system. More important, as well as having a reliable system, is the "Human Element"...concern for your customers after you have their money. You and Harry, the gentleman you sent to explain the system, rated an "A+".

We could not have said it better ourselves, we care about our homeowners long after the money has exchanged hands. We are a family business, and our homeowners are a part of that family. We are glad that we could help this homeowner remove some stress from her life and we would love to do the same for you!


Thank you for helping me out, for just listening!



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