Rainy Day? Three Things You Should Check Around Your Home

Thursday, July 6th, 2017 by Amy Brown

If it is a rainy day, checking these three areas of your home can help you gauge if your home is a candidate for potential water damage. So grab your umbrella and galoshes and check out your home - feel free to jump in a puddle or two along the way!

Rainy Day Check List

1. Check your Downspouts

  • Are they effectively taking water AWAY from the foundation of your home? 
  • Is there erosion being caused by rushing water on your sidewalks or driveway?
  • Is there pooling along the base of your home? You want that water moving away from your foundation!

2. Check your Access Well

  • Is the access well to your crawl space filling with water?
  • What about your Egress Window access?

3. Visible Signs of Dampness and Water

  • Grab a flashlight and take a peek into your crawl space. Is there any standing water? What about dampness on the walls?
  • Head to your basement, check for damp walls.
  • Check out the floors of your basement, particulalry near your sump pump. Is your sump pump working properly?

Did you see anything that concerns you? Maybe you aren't sure whether you should be concerned or not. No worries, Team DryZone is here to help! Contact us at 1-302-684-5034

Check out this video for more information about what a rainy day means to you!




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