Prepare Your Household for Hurricane Season

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 by Amy Brown

Hurricane season is here and we want you and your family to be prepared. There are many things you can do to prepare to safely ride out any storms that may come our way.  

Gather disaster supplies in a convenient, safe location.  Some things you will need to have on hand are enough food and water for your family for several days.  A week's worth of supplies is a good rule of thumb. Food items should be non-perishable and should be able to be prepared with no electricity. Don't forget to count your pets when gathering food and water supplies for your family.

Try to have a week's supply of prescription and non-prescription medications. If you have a prescription that needs frequent refills, keep a close eye on the weather forecast and don't be caught in need of a refill.

Have some cash on hand in the case online and electric payment options are not available. Be sure to fill your car up with enough gas to last a few days. If you have a generator, having fuel on hand is also recommended.

A supply of batteries should be readily available for your radio so you may receive up to the moment weather updates. Batteries will also be important for flashlights in the case that power is unavailable. In the hours leading up to the storm, charge your cell phones and any external chargers you may have so you are able to communicate throughout the storm.

With all of these things to prepare you and your family for hurricane season, don't forget about making sure that your home is ready to withstand the storm. Call us and we will come check out your crawlspace and basement for free. Call today to set up an appointment with one of our system design specialists. 1-855-554-5001Prepare for this hurricane season by gathering basic supplies

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