Georgetown Fire Company Is Rescued By DryZone

Friday, September 16th, 2016 by Jessica Cregan

Georgetown Fire Company Needs DryZone


The Georgetown Fire Company in Georgetown, DE is experiencing problems because the slab is breaking off and the concrete had moved. The firemen and women are concerned with this problem because every time the firetrucks drive over the concrete, the garage floor continues to move and crack. This problem has continued to occur for several years and the firemen and women want this to be solved.

 Our Commercial System Designer, TJ Parkinson, visited the Georgetown Fire Company with a solution for their sinking and cracking concrete and he suggested PolyLevel. While inspecting the area, DryZone suggested stabilizing the entire firehouse garage because the concrete needed to be lifted as a whole. The team at the firehouse agreed with this suggestion and now the entire garage was lifted and leveled. 

Polylevel is trusted by engineers and architects across North America so much that they regularly specify it to support major interstates, highways, and commercial structures. No matter what the reason may be for the sinking concrete, DryZone has a successful solution. Polylevel is performed by drilling small holes (smaller than a penny) in the slab and then specifically designed equipment is used to inject structural grade polymers into the void. After the void is filled, the expansion of the polyurethane allows for a precise lift and stabilization of the slab. 

DryZone is glad that we had the opportunity to help the Georgetown Fire Department with their concrete problems. Now the firemen and women do not have to worry about driving their fire trucks over the concrete because the slab is secured with the PolyLevel foam! 

PolyLevel injection in the Georgetown Firehouse to stabilize and lift concrete floors.

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