Why Is WaterGuard The Best System? Here is your answer...

DryZone inspects water damaged basements on a weekly basis. In many cases, homeowners cannot enter this part of their home because of the vast amount of water! Here is the best way to drain your basement and keep the area dry.

WaterGuard System controls the flow of water and keeps the basement dry!

WaterGuard is a piping system engineered specifically for basements that are experiencing water problems. The best feature about the WaterGuard are the large holes in the back of the guard. Why is this important? Because with large holes in the WaterGuard, the system cannot become clogged from the soil in the ground and this allows the system to run effectively.

Many homeowners go years without a water problem in their basement and then suddenly the existing drain begins to clog due to mud, especially after a large storm. With WaterGuard, homeowners do not face this issue because the dirt cannot become clogged. Here are several images of a typical water drainage system that has become clogged and experiencing issues. 

Why Is WaterGuard The Best System Here is your answer - Image 2

Another great feature of the WaterGuard is the placement of the guard. Most systems are placed in the dirt, which is another factor of system clogs. WaterGuard is specifically designed not to sit in the dirt, therefore clogging from silt and sediment under the floor is not an issue. And guess what! There are more great features to the WaterGuard System, which includes the removable cover. This may not sound convenient now but this knockout cover works well as a continuous dehumidifier drain outlet. 

DryZone loves to install WaterGuard systems in homeowner's basements because we stand behind the WaterGuard System with confidence. Why worry about water in your basement when you can have WaterGuard installed?  

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