PolyLevel® at Pot Nets Paradise Grill

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 by Jackie Jablecki

Paradise GrillTaking on special projects for our community is something that we here at DryZone love! Last week we were approached by the Pot Nets community to help fill a void under a concrete slab.

On October 18th, the Pot Nets Community held the Crushing Cancer 5k walk/run benefitting the American Cancer Society. As the team was preparing for the race, the soil and sand under concrete walkway erroded in the most recent nor’easter, which caused widespread flooding in the area. The Pot Nets team was baffled when they tried to fill the void with concrete. They attempted to use more concrete from teh ground to the top of the concrete slab. They noticed during the pouring that the concrete slurry wasn't going to set up the way they needed it too in time for the race. That’s when they turned to DryZone for a unique solution.Start of the race - shore striders

DryZone specializes in a form of void filling called PolyLevel®. PolyLevel® is Polyurethan Foam made by combining 2 mixtures. When these two mixture meet, a reaction occurs and the foam is created. This all happens in matter of seconds. What makes PolyLevel® Foam unique from other applications, like mud jacking, is that it is lightweight, fast, waterproof, and environmentally friendly. Mudjacking is a old fashion method to leveling concrete and filling voids, like the one at Paradise Grill. Mudjacking uses high pressure grout that is pumped below the slab to fill the void.

One of the main advantages of PolyLevel® versus mud jacking in this type of application is its quick set up and cure time. Mudjacking can take several days to cure and there was no guarantee that it would be ready for runners to use the walking path before the day of the race. PolyLevel sets up in seconds and is ready for traffic in 15 minutes.

the entire voidThe entire voidStarting to fill with PolyLevelSpraying the PolyLevel

Mudjacking is also very heavy, coming in at a whopping 120 pounds per cubic foot. This can add a significant amount of weight to the soil that supports the slab. This can often create an even bigger problem or make it worse because the slab could potentially start to sink more in the future. PolyLevel® is light weight, less than 4 pounds per cubic foot. PolyLevel is waterproof, this walking path was located right on the water and the high tides would often reach the top of the slab. PolyLevel® won’t ever wash out from beneath the concrete.

View form our work siteThe view from Paradise Grill is of the pristine Indian River. During the summer you can sit on the pier, enjoy live music, and watch the beautiful sunset over the river. You can often catch a glimpse of fish jumping, great blue herons flying by, and fishermen coming in with the day’s catch. Those that live, work, and enjoy the area know health of the waterway is of the utmost importance. PolyLevel was a great choice for this project because it is environmentally friendly. PolyLevel® foam will never rot or deteriorate over time, protecting the area habitat.

DryZone has so many creative uses for this innovative and distinctive product, both commercial and residential.

  • Settling Driveways

  • Sidewalks that are a tripping hazard

  • uneven patios and pool decks

  • porches, stoops, and steps

  • Interior Floor Slabs like in garages and warehouses

  • Additionals that are pulling away from the main structure

Choosing to go with PolyLevel® gives you the peace of mind that your job is going to have a long term warranty. DryZone is a trusted contractor that has capabilities for tons of projects. PolyLevel might not be the answer to your issues but DryZone can work with you to come up with a safe and effective solution to your home or business's problem.

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